Human CD79b Protein




B29; B29B-cell-specific glycoprotein B29; B-cell antigen receptor complex-associated protein beta chain; CD79B antigen (immunoglobulin-associated beta); CD79b antigen; CD79b molecule, immunoglobulin-associated beta; CD79B; IGB; IGBAGM6; Ig-beta; Immunoglobulin-associated B29 protein

Formulation and Storage


Supplied as 0.22um filtered solution in PBS (pH 7.4).


The product should be stored at -70℃. Please do not repeated freeze-thaw cycles.

Assay Data

Tris-Bis PAGE
CD79B gel.png

Recombinant CD79B Protein on Tris-Bis PAGE under reduced conditions. The purity is greater than 95%.

HPLC data
CD79B HPLC.png

The purity of CD79B Protein is greater than 95% as determined by SEC-HPLC.

ELISA data

Immobilized Human CD79B at 0.5μg/ml (100μl/Well). Dose response curve for Anti-CD79b Ab. with the EC50 of 15.3ng/ml determined by ELISA.

Batch to Batch Consistency

Immobilized Human CD79b, His Tag at 0.5μg/ml (100μl/Well). Dose response curve for Anti-CD79b Ab. with the EC50 of 15.9/15.3/15.2ng/ml determined by ELISA.


CD79B (also known as B29, Ig beta and B cell antigen receptor complex-associated protein beta-chain) is a 36-40 kDa member of the Ig-Superfamily. It is required in cooperation with CD79A for initiation of the signal transduction cascade activated by the B-cell antigen receptor complex (BCR) which leads to internalization of the complex, trafficking to late endosomes and antigen presentation. Enhances phosphorylation of CD79A, possibly by recruiting kinases which phosphorylate CD79A or by recruiting proteins which bind to CD79A and protect it from dephosphorylation.

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