About Us Information

What is Kactus?

The name of Kactus originated from Cactus, a very robust plant thriving in dry desert with Y shape like antibody IgG. Meanwhile, we attach special meanings to Kactus based on our values and principles to run this company:

   ● K:Key things, we are a very focused company

   ● Act:talk is cheap, we walk the walk

   ● US: we value teamwork

About the company

Kactus Biosystems is founded in Shanghai and strives to be a world-class biotech company to serve our global biopharma and diagnostics customers.   

   ● Focus on delivering protein and antibody products and technologies for Immune therapy and IVD customers

   ● Innovative product development and world-class commercial operation

Our values and principles

  •    ● Our winning formula = goals + focus + learning

  •    ● We respect people in the company and take people’s development as our mission in Kactus.

  •    ● We value direct and open communication.

  •    ● We like people who are ambitious and independent, rather than being obedient. We value people with strong desire for success, self-development, and even material returns.

  •    ● We work together as a TEAM toward our common goals: we are not a family. We are here to achieve our goals, not for having fun. Don’t worry about looking good — worry about achieving your goals.

  •    ● Mistakes are part of life. But, it is unacceptable when you miss opportunities to learn from the mistakes. Problems are the fuel for improvement.

  •    ● When criticizing, try to make helpful suggestions. Understand that the ability to deal with not knowing is far more powerful than knowing.

We are solving unmet needs for antigen protein in drug discovery

   ●  Bioactivity Issue: No bioactivity / No activity on cell based assay

   ●  Batch-to-Batch Consistency

   ●  Poor Immunogenicity

   ●  Unavailable, Commercial Antigens: Transmembrane Proteins: GPCR, CD20, etc.

   ●  Cost Effective, Highly Bioactive Enzymes: Capping Enzyme (mRNA transfection & therapeutics)

   ●  Protein / Antibody Engineering Consultation