GMP Enzymes for Commercial-Scale mRNA Manufacturing

KACTUS has developed the following GMP enzymes to meet the highest quality requirements for commercial-scale mRNA transcription and modification.


Manufactured according to GMP guidelines. Regulatory support documents available for filing and approval.

Quality Controlled

Validated and tested for purity, efficacy, and batch-to-batch consistency.

Routine Bulk Supply

Large quantities of GMP material available to support manufacturing of mRNA therapeutics.

Kactus Partnership

Sample testing and/or determination of custom production requirements

You receive scientific support for custom protein modifications to ensure the best configuration for your application

We provide strict quality control specifications to ensure high purity and bioactivity of the product

You receive routine bulk quantities of material as you move from the research stage to clinical or commercial manufacturing

You receive documents such as batch auditing records, equipment certification, etc. to support your regulatory filing

Contact us for more information or to request GMP-ready sample.