Human GPRC5D membrane protein

GPRC5D is one of the orphan G-protein coupled receptors (GPCRs), with homology to members of family C GPCRs. The strong and selective expression of GPRC5D in multiple myeloma cells makes this membrane protein a promising target for the immunotherapy of multiple myeloma.
Kactus Biosystems utilizes its unique structure-guided SAMSTM platform to produce the full-length GPRC5D. The bioactivity has been verified by pharmaceutical customers.
Low-endotoxin (<1EU per μg by the LAL method) and high-purity (>95%);
High avidity;
High degree of batch-to-batch consistency;
Featured protein expression screening system for high-yield product (up to several grams);
Offering biotinylated proteins, with highest bioactivity and sensitivity.
Our Data
Fig. 1 SEC-HPLC: The purity of Biotinylated Human GPRC5D membrane protein is greater than 95%.
Fig. 2 SPR: Biotinylated Human GPRC5D can bind Anti-GPRC5D Antibody, with an affinity constant of 3.50nM.
Fig. 3 ELISA: Dose response curve for Anti-GPRC5D Antibody, with the EC50 =0.1nM.
Product List
Cat. No. Protein Name Species Tag Exp. System
GPR-HM05PB Biotinylated Human GPRC5D membrane Protein-VLP Human / Expi293 Inquiry Now
GPR-HM05P Human GPRC5D membrane Protein-VLP Human / Expi293 Inquiry Now
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