Structure Based Antigen Design

A rational high-throughput strategy for drug discovery


Recombinant antigen production has been gaining increasing focus as antibody therapeutics now represent the core of the human medical biotechnology industry. The most common challenges in recombinant antigen production include membrane protein antigen production, recombinant antigen immunogenicity, antibody affinity, production batch-to-batch consistency, and production time consuming and cost-efficiency.

To address these issues, scientists at Kactus Biosystems have creatively designed a high-throughput protein expression and purification screening system named SAMSTM (Structure Aided Design and Multiplex Screening).

Structure-based rational design is the essential part of protein engineering, as protein secondary and tertiary structures directly impact protein expression, folding, and function. In addition to common considerations like secretive signal peptide, fusion tag, and codon optimization, scientists at Kactus Biosystems perform comprehensive structural informatics, including 3D modeling into protein designs, making SAMSTM platform both powerful and unique to the industry.


Base on our unique SAMSTM Platform, Kactus Biosystems has established a broad range of technology for developing high-quality protein products for immune therapy. Structural based cutting-edge technology and high-throughput screening methods enable our experienced scientists to bring comprehensive services and products to meet our clients’ demands from various aspects.

Advantages of products from SAMSTM Platform

  • Individual structure-based antigen design;        

  • Mimic native antigen confirmation display;        

  • Optimized expression level with high purity and high yield;        

  • Enhanced immunogenicity;        

  • High bioactivity;        

  • Low endotoxin;        

  • Great protein stability;        

  • High degree of batch-to-batch consistency.        

Our products and services are used worldwide for diverse applications, including basic research, drug discovery , diagnostic study,  antibody production quality control for batch release,  and much more. Based on the SAMSTM Platform, multiple challenge antigens have been produced, such as the first full length Claudin18.2 in the world, and our products have been highly recognized by pharmaceutical customers.

Featured Products

  • Full-length Membrane Proteins:  Claudin 6, Claudin 18.2, CD20, GPCR proteins (eg. GPRC5D), etc.        

  • CAR-T Cell Therapy Targets:  CD19, BCMA, MSLN, GPC3, CD22, CD30, etc.        

  • SARS-CoV-2 Antigens:  3CLpro, Spike S1, Spike S, Spike RBD, Sars Spike S1, Sars Spike RBD, Nucleocapsid, ACE2, etc.        

  • Other Featured Products:  CD3 heterodimer, CD3E, CD24, CD39, DLL3, Klotho, TGFbeta, Cas9, PAID4, SIRP, IL-17A, Trimer Proteins, pMHC-I Complex, etc.        

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Publish Date:2021-01-20
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