Join KACTUS at SITC's 38th Annual Meeting: Discovering the Latest Innovations in MHC Complexes

By Yujiao Zhang

SITC 2023 cover

KACTUS is thrilled to announce our participation in the SITC's 38th Annual Meeting & Pre-Conference Programs, taking place in San Diego, California, from November 1-5th. We warmly invite you to visit us at booth #1006!

About SITC

SITC's 38th Annual Meeting is the largest cancer immunotherapy conference, bringing together brilliant minds focused on "Advancing the Science and Application of Cancer Immunotherapy Worldwide." Hosted by SITC, the leading organization in the field of cancer immunotherapy, this prestigious meeting welcomes international leaders from academia, regulatory and government agencies, as well as industry representatives. As exhibitors, we at KACTUS are eager to engage with the vibrant community of scientists, researchers, and industry professionals.

What is KACTUS offering?


We offer 150+ high-quality Peptide-MHC Complexes, which are available in both catalog and custom options. Our pMHCs are expressed using mammalian cells expression systems, covering popular targets such as NY-ESO-1, WT-1, MAGE-A, AFP, and HPV16. Our protein engineering approach, which involves advanced bioinformatics, structural analysis, and 3D modeling, ensures minimal peptide displacement in the MHC complexes, leading to high affinity. This makes them suitable for various applications, including antibody discovery, TCR binding, and flow cytometry.

Peptide-Ready MHCs

In addition to the conventional MHC molecule with a peptide, we offer Peptide-Ready MHCs (prMHC) format. These MHC molecules do not come with a pre-loaded peptide and can be found as in-stock catalog products or customized to meet specific research needs. Peptide-Ready MHCs are a ready-to-use loading system for binding your own neoantigen peptide. You can create your own Peptide-MHC in-house for more versatility or use of proprietary neoantigen-peptides.

Performance Validation of Peptide-Ready MHCs

prMHC_Figure 2
Demonstrated via SPR assay, biotinylated Human Peptide Ready HLA-A*11:01&B2M Monomer loaded with peptide (VVVGADGVGK) has a high affinity with HLA-A*11:01&B2M&KRAS G12D TCR. The affinity constant is 8.5 nM. 
prMHC_Figure 3
Demonstrated via SPR assay, Human Peptide Ready HLA-A*02:01&B2M& Monomer loaded with peptide (FMNKFIYEI) has a good affinity with HLA-A*02:01&B2M&AFP TCR. The affinity constant is 0.32 µM. 

Why Choose KACTUS?

  • Design Expertise: Our expertise in protein design and enzymatic studies, along with our SAMS™ platform, will help you create a protein configuration that will be functional for your application while also optimizing purity & yield.
  • Tailored Expression System: After generating 3D models of your protein/enzyme, we test the configurations in various expression systems to optimize protein folding, maximize bioactivity, and enhance stability.
  • Quality Bulk Supply: We'll take your protein configuration from bench to large-scale production. Our quality control systems ensure batch-to-batch consistency and our facilities are prepared for consistent high-quantity production.

Learn more about our offerings, our commitment to quality, and how we can be your partner in innovation and development at KACTUS.