GMP-Grade Enzymes for mRNA Production

Restriction Enzymes, In Vitro Transcription, Capping, Tailing, Circularization

Overview of KACTUS Enzymes for mRNA Synthesis

The key to linear mRNA therapy lies in efficiently synthesizing high-quality mRNA in vitro and then delivering mRNA to the human body through a delivery system. The in vitro synthesis of mRNA cannot be done without high-quality raw material enzymes. KACTUS has a particular focus on the mRNA therapy market we've used our unique functional recombinant protein and high-activity enzyme production platform, SAMS, to develop a full series of high-quality raw material enzymes required for in vitro synthesis of mRNA (GMP-Grade & GMP-Ready). Our GMP products have analytical method verification and undergo comprehensive quality release testing to meet the requirements for upstream raw material enzymes.

Figure 1. Mechanism of action of mRNA vaccines [1].

Enzymes for every step of mRNA synthesis.

Restriction Endonucleases for Plasmid Linearization

The template for mRNA in vitro transcription is typically plasmid DNA, and needs to be linearized before transcription. Linearization ensures the acquisition of mRNA transcripts of definite length and sequence. KACTUS provides restriction endonucleases such as BsaI, BspQI, SapI, XbaI, etc., for the preparation of linearized templates.

Figure 2. (Left) BsaI enzyme activity detection. 1μg of plasmid was added to a 20 μL system, along with 1 μL BsaI (well 1 is undiluted, wells 1-11 are serial 2-fold dilutions), and digested for 30 minutes. The enzyme activity is ≥20 kU/mL. (Right) BsaI star activity detection. 1 μg of plasmid is added to a 20 μL system, along with 1 μL BsaI (well 1 is undiluted; wells 1-11 are serial 2-fold dilutions) and digested for 16 hours. No star activity is observed.


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[1] Chaudhary, N., Weissman, D. & Whitehead, K.A. mRNA vaccines for infectious diseases: principles, delivery and clinical translation. Nat Rev Drug Discov 20, 817–838 (2021).