For novel drug development.

Design and manufacturing of high-quality and bioactive recombinant proteins.

We are a quality-focused biotechnology company dedicated to enhancing the latest therapeutic technologies, including cell therapies, gene editing, immunotechnology, and vaccines.

Innovative drug discovery requires innovative reagents.

Our customers develop novel therapies and so they need customized or first-to-market proteins and enzymes.

We carefully select our catalog products based on unmet needs in the market.

Our focus is customization and tailored solutions so that your innovation potential is limitless.

Why work with KACTUS

Design Expertise

Our expertise in protein design and enzymatic studies, along with our SAMS™ platform, will help you create a protein configuration that will be functional for your application while also optimizing purity & yield.

Tailored Expression System

After generating 3D models of your protein/enzyme, we test the configurations in various expression systems to optimize protein folding, maximize bioactivity, and enhance stability.

Quality Bulk Supply

We'll take your protein configuration from bench to large-scale production. Our quality control systems ensure batch-to-batch consistency and our facilities are prepared for consistent high-quantity production.

Our Values


We strive to be a world-class biotechnology company, serving our global biopharma and diagnostics customers.


We value direct and open communication. We are problem-solvers and are responsive to constructive criticism.


We work together as a team toward our common goal. We contribute to the team, and we lean on the team for support


Problems are our fuel for improvement. We value ambitious and independent people with a strong desire for success, self-development, and even material returns.


We do not shy away from technological setbacks. We embrace novel design demands and first-to-market products.