KactusBio is an R&D-driven, innovative biotech company dedicated to drug discovery, immunotherapy, and mRNA vaccines.

Established in March 2018, KactusBio's growth outpaced the industry. The company has established a strategic partnership with more than 300 companies focusing on innovative antibody-drug discovery, cell & gene therapy, and mRNA vaccine development. We currently have an R&D and production headquarters expanded 50,000 sqft and have a scientific team of 150 researchers and production engineers. Our new 100,000 sqft GMP facility is scheduled to be at full output in late 2022.

KactusBio has offices in Cambridge, MA (U.S.) and Shanghai (China).


Key Things

We focus on key things to solve the unmet needs of the market



Ideas are cheap, execution is everything.



We value collaboration & teamwork.

Our Values and Principles

-KactusBio strives to be a world-class biotech company to serve our global biopharma and diagnostics customers.

-Our winning formula = goals + focus + learning

-We value direct and open communication. We like ambitious and independent people; we value people with a strong desire for success, self-development, and even material returns.

-We work together as a TEAM toward our common goal; we contribute to the team, and we lean on the team for support.

-Fail fast, learn faster. Problems are the fuel for improvement.

-When criticizing, try to make helpful suggestions. Understand that the ability to deal with not knowing is far more powerful than knowing.

Technology Platform

There are many challenges our clients face every day: low bioactivity; batch-to-batch inconsistency; poor immunogenicity; soluble transmembrane antigens; etc. In response to these unmet needs, KactusBio has established a unique and innovative functional recombinant protein production platform called Structure Aided design and Multiplex Screening (SAMS).
We apply both bioinformatics and computer simulations to design the protein to the specifications of the client's application. Multiple constructs to the same protein are made at once and combined with our proprietary multiplexing screening technology, we can obtain the optimal expression clone in the shortest time.

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