MHC/TCR Products & Custom Expression

Custom engineering and expression of soluble TCRs with MHC-TCR binding analysis

Mammalian-expressed Peptide-MHCs with high purity and low endotoxin

MHC Monomers & Tetramers ready to load with your neoantigen peptide in a quick and easy loading system

Custom Protein Production

Expression in HEK293, CHO, E. coli, yeast, etc.

Various tags, fluorescent labeling, biotinylation, etc.

Scientific support for structure optimization specific to your application

Expression optimization for purity and yield

Large-scale supply for research, process development, quality testing, etc.

GMP-Grade production for clinical and commercial manufacturing

ImmunoPro™ VLP SuperAntigens

Popular Targets:

Boosted Immunogenicity

Antigens for Antibody Drug Discovery

Difficult-to-Express Targets

Transmembrane Proteins


We specialize in providing high-quality recombinant proteins and enzymes for antibody drug discovery, immunotherapy, gene therapy, and mRNA therapeutics.

Browse our popular solutions:

DNA Amplification & Modification Enzymes

Phi29 DNA Polymerase

Isothermal DNA amplification for rolling circle amplification, multiple displacement amplification, and whole genome amplification

TelN Protelomerase

dsDNA cleavage leaving covalently closed ends

Exonuclease III

Removal of nucleotides from linear or nicked dsDNA

GMP-Grade Enzymes for mRNA Production

→ Full range of enzymes for template preparation, transcription, & modification.

→ GMP-grade & GMP-ready.

→ Registered with FDA Drug Master Files (DMF)

T7 RNA Polymerase, BsaI, T4 RNA Ligase I

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Facilities & equipment

→ R&D production headquarters of over 5,000 square meters
→ GMP-production facility of over 10,000 square meters
→ Scientific team of 200 researchers and production engineers

SAMS™ Technology Platform

→ Structure Aided Design and Multiplex Screening (SAMS) 
→ Optimizes protein configuration and expression conditions 
→ Bioactive proteins in multiple cell lines.

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Quality Systems

→ High-purity and bioactive proteins
→ Extensive quality control testing, including activity testing
→ Optional GMP-grade material for commercial manufacturing

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