Target Antigens


We are an innovative biotechnology company dedicated to providing high-quality proteins & enzymes that meet novel customer demands.

Facilities & equipment

→ R&D production headquarters of over 50,000 square feet
→ GMP-production facility of over 100,000 square feet
→ Scientific team of 200 researchers and production engineers

SAMS™ Technology Platform

→ Structure Aided Design and Multiplex Screening (SAMS) 
→ Optimizes protein configuration and expression conditions 
→ Bioactive proteins in multiple cell lines.

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Quality Systems

→ High-purity and bioactive proteins
→ Extensive quality control testing, including activity testing
→ Optional GMP-grade material for commercial manufacturing

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Custom Production

→ Scientific support for structure optimization specific to your application
→ Bulk material supply for research and process development
→ GMP-Grade material for clinical manufacturing
→ Equipment certification, batch records, etc. for regulatory filing

Transmembrane Protein VLPs

Transmembrane proteins are difficult to express in their natural 3D configuration. We use virus-like-particles (VLPs) derived from self-assembling viral capsid proteins to express transmembrane proteins in their natural conformation. VLPs are non-infectious and have high immunogenicity. Our line of VLP-displayed antigens can be used for antibody drug discovery of otherwise difficult targets.

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