GMP-Grade & GMP-Ready CRISPR Nucleases

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What makes our Cas9 different?

Using our proprietary protein engineering platform, SAMS™, we have successfully developed a highly active Cas9 protein. Our Cas9 has undergone nuclear localization signal (NLS) design. Additionally, through a series of steps such as protein structure analysis, expression system screening, and formulation optimization, our Cas9 has been optimized for purity and editing activity.

High editing efficacy in multiple cell types

Figure 1. Gene knockout efficiency of our CRISPR Cas9 analyzed in nucleofected 293T, Jurkat, and T cells using TIDE analysis. Results show greater than 95% editing efficacy across all three cell types, comparable to leading suppliers.

High In Vitro Cleavage Activity

KACTUS also offers a highly active CRISPR-Cas12a enzyme. Cas12a is known for its ability to recognize and cut DNA at a specific site different from the prototypical Cas9. Additionally, Cas12a has been shown to have a lower off-target activity than Cas9, making it a promising tool for precision genome editing.

Figure 2. In vitro cleavage assay using AsCas12a. More than 85% of substrates can be cleaved by our Cas12a Enzyme.

Cas9 Nuclease ELISA Kit

In ex vivo gene therapy, after the cells are modified by the CRISPR/Cas9 system, the residual Cas9 nuclease in the cells needs to be detected before being transfused back into the human body. To complement our GMP-Grade Cas9, we have carefully developed a highly sensitive and specific residue detection kit, CRISPR/Cas9 Nuclease ELISA Kit, with a sensitivity of up to 0.125 ng/mL.

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