Recombinant CRISPR Cas9, GMP-Grade

KACTUS offers GMP-Grade CRISPR Cas9 enzymes suitable for manufacturing of cell & gene therapeutics.

CRISPR-Cas9 is derived from an immune defense system used by bacteria to attach to and cleave viral RNA. Scientists have since harnessed the CRISPR-Cas9 system to perform genome editing in mammalian cells. A short segment of RNA, the guide sequence, binds to a specific DNA sequence in the target cells. The Cas9 enzyme is attached to the guide sequence so the enzyme cuts the DNA at a targeted site. Once the DNA is cleaved, DNA repair mechanisms innate to the target cells can be used to add or remove DNA fragments. Often this is either non-homologous end joining or homology-directed repair. 

The HNH nuclease domain of the Cas9 protein cleaves the DNA strand complementary to the guide sequence. The RuvC nuclease domain cleaves the DNA strand opposite the guide RNA. The PAM sequence (protospace adjacent motif) must be identified by the Cas9 enzyme in order to initiate unraveling of the DNA and cleavage upstream of the PAM sequence. 

Based on KACTUS’s proprietary Structure Aided Design and Multiplex Screening SAMS™ platform, we have successfully developed a highly active Cas9 protein through a series of steps such as protein structure analysis, expression process screening, purification process optimization, and formulation development. Our Cas9 protein works well with T-cells, stem cells, etc.

Recombinant CRISPR Cas9

Recombinant CRISPR Cas9 Protein, GMP grade (GMP-CAS-EE110), DMF #036578


KACTUS offers both version of recombinant CRISPR Cas9 GMP-grade, suitable for manufacturing of cell and gene therapeutics. We offer product customization and strict quality control standards to meet your scientific needs. Products are available in bulk and we will work with you from R&D to regulatory approval to ensure the Cas9 works for you. Read more about our GMP offerings and what a partnership with KACTUS looks like. 

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