Custom Production

High-quality, custom design & manufacturing of recombinant proteins

KACTUS offers CRO services and large-scale contract manufacturing for protein engineering, expression, and production of custom recombinant proteins. Our recombinant protein production experience along with our proprietary SAMS™ platform will ensure your product has the optimal configuration and expression conditions for bioactivity and purity.

Structure Optimization

Optimized protein configuration to enhance specificity, sensitivity, and yield.

Purity & Bioactivity

Analyzed for purity and bioactivity to ensure successful application.

Large Batch

Large-scale production batches with batch-to-batch consistency.

GMP-Grade Production

ISO certified and batch auditing records available for optional GMP-level production.

SAMS™ Platform

Our proprietary structure aided design and multiplex screening technology uses bioinformatics and 3D modeling combined with in vitro expression condition optimization to optimize protein configuration.

Quality Control

KACTUS performs quality control testing criteria including endotoxin, residual host cell protein, etc. Proteins are synthesized in an antibiotic-free and animal-free environment.

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