SAMS™: Structure Aided Design & Multiplex Screening

Protein Engineering & Expression Optimization Platform


Affordable rates & consistent communication for custom projects.


Bioactive, pure, and consistent proteins.


Timely delivery of specialized or difficult-to-express targets.

Recombinant protein expression is becoming increasingly specialized.

Various bacterial and mammalian production systems are available depending on both the protein and the application. Additionally, the purification and characterization of recombinant proteins has become increasingly specialized, with researchers developing more sophisticated techniques to isolate and analyze proteins with specific properties.

Researchers face common challenges when using recombinant proteins including:

→ Membrane protein antigen production
→ Recombinant antigen immunogenicity
→ Antibody affinity
→ Batch-to-batch consistency
→ Production time & production cost

SAMS™ is our high-throughput protein engineering and expression screening system that allows for high activity and high purity of difficult-to-express targets.

Let SAMS™ help you

We offer custom recombinant protein production services, including MHC Complexes, VLP-Displayed Antigens, CRISPR Enzymes, and other difficult-to-express proteins.

How it works: Bioinformatics, 3D Modeling, & Expression Testing

The structural hierarchy is the overarching list of variables that will affect protein structure and function.

Unmet needs for commercial proteins are identified via literature and database searches. We then use bioinformatics and structural analysis to design a variety of protein sequences/structures based on variables from the structural hierarchy. 

Integrity, signal peptide, codons, etc. are analyzed using structural informatics and 3D modeling to determine how they will influence all four levels of protein structure. 

The optimal protein configuration is identified from large search spaces of protein configurations and expression conditions. We prioritize natural protein configuration, yield, and bioactivity. 

Protein designs are tested for bioactivity in multiple cell types/settings. Because we ensure protein function in multiple settings, you can be confident that the protein you purchase will work for your application.

Advantages of SAMS™

→ Individual structure-based antigen design

→ Mimics native antigen conformation

→ Optimized expression allows for high purity & high yield

→ Enhanced immunogenicity & bioactivity

→ Low endotoxin & excellent stability

→ High degree of batch-to-batch consistency

Success with SAMS™

Our products are used worldwide for diverse applications, including basic research, drug discovery, diagnostic study, antibody production, quality control testing, and more. Through the SAMS platform, we have already produced multiple challenging proteins, including the first ever full-length Claudin 18.2 protein.