Reagents for Cell & Gene Therapy

Cas9, Cas12a, MHC Complexes, MaxNuclease, Laminin 521, AAV ELISA Kits

GMP-Grade MaxNuclease for Nonspecific DNA/RNA Degradation


→ Purification of viral vaccines and viral vectors

→ Removal of nucleic acid residues (DNA/RNA) in biologics

→ Reducing the viscosity of cell lysates and cell supernatants

→ Preparing samples in western blot, 2D gel electrophoresis, ELISA, and chromatography

GMP-Grade MaxNuclease

High Nucleic Acid Degradation Activity

Host Cell DNA (HCD) was analyzed after virus harvest solution was treated with 25U/mL and 50U/mL endonuclease at 37°C for 2 hours, respectively. KACTUS MaxNuclease has higher degradation activity versus Competitor B for both working concentrations.

GMP-Grade Cas9 Nuclease

High Editing Efficiency in Multiple Cell Types

Batch-to-Batch Consistency

Quality Control Standards

GMP-Grade Production Facility

Gene Knockout Efficiency

KACTUS Cas9 Nuclease has a high gene knockout efficiency in multiple cell types including 293T cells, Jurkat cells, and T cells. Activity is consistent with a leading supplier.


The absence of the desired transgene in AAV9 capsids results in an undesirable immune reaction, while failing to provide the intended therapeutic effects. Determining the capsid titer is a vital aspect, in addition to DNA and infectious titers, to ensure the effectiveness and safety of AAV gene therapy. Our titration kits are capable of identifying both empty and complete AAV capsids.

High specificity to AAV serotypes (AAV9 & AAV5 available)

Sensitivity as low as 1.0E7 capsids/mL

Broad linear range: 1.0e7 - 6.0E8 capsids/mL

Low background

Strong reproducibility

Choice of rapid (2 hours) or classic procedure (6 hours) for AAV9 kit

Various titers of Native/Denatured AAV9 were cross-bound to the detection antibody. Results demonstrate  that the AAV9 detection antibody specifically binds Native AAV9.

Laminin 521

Laminin 521 is a key component of the extracellular matrix (ECM) in many tissues. It is a large heterotrimeric glycoprotein composed of alpha, beta, and gamma subunits. Laminin 521 plays a crucial role in stem cell culture, as it supports pluripotent stem cell self-renewal and maintains their undifferentiated state. It provides a substrate for stem cell attachment, promotes stem cell survival, and facilitates their expansion in vitro.

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The Wnt signaling pathway is crucial for embryonic development and tissue homeostasis. In particular, Wnt3a is known for its ability to activate the canonical Wnt pathway, which leads to the stabilization and nuclear translocation of beta-catenin, resulting in the activation of target genes. Dysregulation of Wnt3a has been implicated in several diseases, including cancer and neurological disorders. Consequently, Wnt3a has emerged as an attractive target for drug discovery and development, as modulation of its activity could have significant therapeutic benefits.

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Cytokines control a range of biological activities including cell growth, differentiation, and regulating immune response. The high-quality cytokine products of KACTUS include interleukins (ILs), colony-stimulating factors (CSFs), and growth factors (GFs), which can be applied to organoid culture, in vitro cell growth maintenance in immune cell therapy, and stem cell proliferation and differentiation.


High purity (≥95%)
Low internal toxicity (≤ 0.1EU/μg)
Proven biological activity at the cellular level

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