Human ACVR1B/ALK-4 Protein (ALK-HM104)

  • Express System: HEK293
  • Product Tag: C-His
  • Purity: > 95% as determined by Tris-Bis PAGE;> 95% as determined by HPLC
  • Exact Sequence: Ser24-Glu126

Catalog: ALK-HM104


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Product Description Recombinant Human ACVR1B/ALK-4 Protein is expressed from HEK293 with His tag at the C-terminus.It contains Ser24-Glu126.

Product Background

Activin A receptor type I (ACVR1) encodes for a bone morphogenetic protein type I receptor of the TGFβ receptor superfamily. It is involved in a wide variety of biological processes, including bone, heart, cartilage, nervous, and reproductive system development and regulation. Moreover, ACVR1 has been extensively studied for its causal role in fibrodysplasia ossificans progressiva (FOP), a rare genetic disorder characterised by progressive heterotopic ossification. ACVR1 is linked to different pathologies, including cardiac malformations and alterations in the reproductive system.

Product Category

Recombinant Protein



Gene/Protein ID




Exact Sequence

Molecular Weight The protein has a predicted MW of 12.51 kDa. Due to glycosylation, the protein migrates to 15-25 kDa based on Tris-Bis PAGE result.

Product Tag


Express System

Purity > 95% as determined by Tris-Bis PAGE;> 95% as determined by HPLC
Endotoxin Less than 1EU per ug by the LAL method.
Form Liquid
Shipping Shipped with dry ice.
Formulation Supplied as 0.22 um filtered solution in PBS (pH 7.4).
Stability And Storage Valid for 12 months from date of receipt when stored at -80°C.; Recommend to aliquot the protein into smaller quantities for optimal storage. Please minimize freeze-thaw cycles.
The purity of Human ACVR1B is greater than 95% as determined by SEC-HPLC.
Human ACVR1B on Tris-Bis PAGE under reduced condition. The purity is greater than 95%.

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