Festival of Biologics in Europe 2023

By Yujiao Zhang

KACTUS is attending Europe's largest biologics event - Festival of Biologics in Basel, Switzerland October 10-12th!


Chat with a team member at booth #307 to learn more about our offerings. 😊


What is Festival of Biologics?

The Festival of Biologics is the meeting place for the life science community to bridge the gap between academia and industry, covering the start to finish of biologics from discovery, through development, to manufacturing, clinical trials and commercialization.


What is KACTUS offering?


Mammalian-expressed peptide-MHCs for immunization & T cell screening
→ Choice of Class I or Class II Allele
Monomer, Tetramer & Chimeric
→ Biotinylation & Fluorescent Labeling
→ Multiple Species (Human, Mouse, Cyno)

Peptide-Ready MHCs

Ready-to-use MHCs for loading neoantigen peptides
High-throughput screening for specific antigenic peptides
TCR affinity studies and high-throughput characterization 
MHC binding studies

VLP-Displayed Antigens

Difficult-to-express antigens for antibody drug development
→ Boosted immunogenicity
→ Safety (non-infectious)
→ Target antigen
→ Diameter 100-200 nm

Laminin 521

High-quality matrix protein for stem cell culture
→ > 95% Purity
→ Use on various cell types
→ Low Internal Toxicity (<10EU/mg)
→ Transition to Feeder-Free Culture

Customize your protein with us now!


Why Choose KACTUS?

  • Design Expertise: Our expertise in protein design and enzymatic studies, along with our SAMS™ platform, will help you create a protein configuration that will be functional for your application while also optimizing purity & yield.
  • Tailored Expression System: After generating 3D models of your protein/enzyme, we test the configurations in various expression systems to optimize protein folding, maximize bioactivity, and enhance stability.
  • Quality Bulk Supply: We'll take your protein configuration from bench to large-scale production. Our quality control systems ensure batch-to-batch consistency and our facilities are prepared for consistent high-quantity production.

Learn more about our offerings, our commitment to quality, and how we can be your partner in innovation and development at KACTUS.