AAV6 Titration ELISA Kit (AV6-MM00B)

  • Applications: Intact AAV Wild Type Virions
    AAV Recombinant Virions
    Assembled AAV Virions
    Intact Empty AAV Capsids
  • Quality:
    Detection Range: 1.00E+08 capsids/mL – 6.40E+09 capsids/mL capsids/mL
    Sensitivity: 5E+07capsids/mL
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Catalog: AV6-MM00B


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Product Description Empty AAV6 capsids lacking the transgene of interest cause unwanted immune response without providing the therapeutic benefit of the transgene. Alongside DNA and infectious titer, determination of the capsid titer is crucial for validating the efficacy and safety of your AAV gene therapy. Our titration kit detects full and empty AAV8 capsids.

Form Multi
Shipping Shipped with blue ice
Stability And Storage Store the kit components at 2-8°C. The kit is valid for 12 months from the production date.
Example standard curve

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