Festival of Biologics 2023

By Mallory Griffin


San Diego, CA     March 20-22     Booth #55

What is Festival of Biologics?

Festival of Biologics unites leaders across the pharmaceutical and biotech industries, regulatory bodies, academia, and research institutions to discuss antibodies, immunotherapies, biosimilars, and more. Participants can review research, establish new partnerships, and address the obstacles in clinical trials, production, and commercialization that come alongside bringing novel therapies to market. 

Who is KACTUS?

Our customers are developing novel therapies and need customized or first-to-market proteins and enzymes. We carefully select our catalog products based on unmet needs in the drug discovery industry, including challenging recombinant proteins such as Claudin 18.2, GPRC5D, and CCR8Our 2000+ catalog products range from MHC complexes, DNA amplification enzymes, and CD3 proteins. KACTUS also offers GMP-grade mRNA transcription and CRISPR Cas9 enzymes for commercial manufacturing. If we haven't mentioned a protein you're interested in yet, our protein engineering platform, SAMS, provides custom recombinant protein production with tailored sequences and expression systems to meet your applications.