Webinar: Transforming Tumor Research: Engineering MHCs as Versatile Reagents

By Yujiao Zhang


Dr. Manhee Suh, Co-founder & CTO, KACTUS

What's Inside

When dealing with solid tumors lacking specific biomarkers, the effectiveness of adoptive T cell therapy using CAR-T treatments is limited. The absence of dependable, multifaceted MHC reagents has been a hindrance in the research and development of treatments for solid tumors. In this webinar we discuss:

• MHC product development roadmap
• SCT (single-chain trimer) MHC
prMHC (peptide-ready MHC)
• Chimeric MHC
• In vivo-formed fluorescent MHC tetramer
• MHC-VLP (virus-like particle)
Stability data of our MHC
• Batch-to-batch consistency of our MHC
• Applications of GPCR reagents
• Engineered T7 RNAP with reduced dsRNA formation