GMP-Grade T7 RNA Polymerase

Catalog #GMP-T7P-EE101

FDA Drug Master Files #037660
Designed for commercial-scale mRNA manufacturing.

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About T7 RNA Polymerase

T7 RNA Polymerase (T7RNAP) is a protein encoded by phage T7 DNA recombinantly expressed in Escherichia coli. T7RNAP, a DNA-dependent 5'→3' RNA polymerase, highly specifically recognizes the T7 promoter sequence (5'-TAATACGACTCACTATAG-3'). The template is single-stranded or double-stranded DNA containing the T7 promoter sequence. T7RNAP synthesizes an RNA strand using NTPs, complementary to the DNA template, downstream of the promoter.

About Our Enzyme Engineering & Expression Optimization

We engineered our T7 RNA Polymerase using Structure Aided Multiplex Screening (SAMS), our unique innovative functional recombinant protein engineering platform. It has also undergone optimization of the E. coli expression system, purification process, and buffer formulation. We've designed our T7 to produce low error rates, high efficiency, and high processivity. We've optimized the enzyme for yield and purity, making it both practical and affordable for large-scale production of mRNA / mRNA synthesis.

About Our GMP Compliance

We manufacture our T7 RNA Polymerase in our cGMP compliant facility. Moreover, we've submitted our GMP T7RNAP to the FDA Drug Master Files (DMF #037660). Customizable regulatory support documentation including batch production records, stability testing, CoA, etc. is available.

Customizable GMP Documentation Package:

→ Datasheet

→ CoA

→ CoO


→ Melamine Statement

→ TSE/BSE Statement

→ Nitrosamine Statement

→ DMF Filing

Product Information

Quality Release Specifications

Performance Validation

Overall Performance

Figure 1. After synthesizing mRNA in an IVT reaction, we assessed RNA transcript yield using nanodrop and Agilent 4150 tapestation. We assessed purity using capillary electrophoresis (CE). Overall, yield and purity of our T7RNAP was comparable to leading suppliers.

Low dsRNA in transcripts

Figure 2. dsRNA measured after in vitro transcription using J2-based ELISA. KACTUS T7 has low dsRNA contamination comparable or superior to leading competitors.

High yield for in vitro transcription

Figure 3. After synthesis of mRNA, in vitro transcription yield of T7 RNA Polymerase measured with Agilent 4150 Tapestation. KACTUS T7 had 65% higher yield than leading supplier.

Consistent activity across batches

Figure 4. Detection of T7 RNA Polymerase by molecular beacon. We analyzed three batches of T7 RNA Polymerase and found similar reaction kinetics across all batches.

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T7 RNA Polymerase: FAQs

How to Order

You can order online directly by visiting the product page or contact us at

To request a test sample, submit this form.

As catalog products, we offer 1KU / 50KU / 1MU sizes. To request a bulk quote, submit this form or contact us at

Yes, we ship our GMP T7RNAP internationally. To place an order, visit the product page or contact us at

Product Information

Visit the product page to find the product information, datasheet, MSDS, etc.

Please find the quality control specifications on this page.

Yes, our T7 RNA Polymerase can be used for linear mRNA, circular RNA, self amplifying RNA, and more. To inquire further, please contact us at

IVT Reaction

Yes, in addition to T7 RNA Polymerase, we have GMP-grade Murine RNase Inhibitor, Pyrophosphatase, and DNase I. Additionally, we offer other mRNA enzymes for capping, tailing, circularization, etc.

Yes, the T7 RNA Polymerase includes a transcription buffer that our team has highly optimized for this enzyme.

Yes, please find the recommended protocol listed in the T7 RNA Polymerase datasheet. For additional support on your IVT reaction, please contact us at

Our T7 RNA polymerase supports both a cotranscriptional using cap analog and vaccinia capping system. We have two GMP-grade capping enzymes: mRNA Cap 2’o-Methyltransferase and Vaccinia capping enzyme.

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Full Portfolio of mRNA Production Enzymes

We offer a full portfolio of mRNA production enzymes including restriction endonucleases, capping enzymes, circularization enzymes, and tailing enzymes.