Designed for commericial-scale mRNA manufacturing.

T7 RNA Polymerase

GMP-Grade, DMF #037660

Engineered to maximize mRNA yield during in vitro transcription.

Available at large-scale GMP-grade production.

About T7 RNA Polymerase

T7 RNA Polymerase is responsible for synthesizing RNA from DNA templates. It is highly specific to the T7 promoter sequence in DNA, which makes it an ideal tool for controlled and specific gene expression. It is known for its lower error rate, high efficiency, and high processivity. It can transcribe large amounts of RNA from a single DNA template. High-quality and high-purity RNA are essential for downstream mRNA applications, which makes T7 RNA polymerase ideal for large-scale production of mRNA.

High yield for in vitro transcription

In vitro transcription yield of T7 RNA Polymerase measured with Agilent 4150 Tapestation. KACTUS T7 has 65% higher yield than leading supplier.

Low dsRNA in transcripts

dsRNA neasured after in vitro transcription using J2-based ELISA. KACTUS T7 has low dsRNA contamination comparable or superior to leading competitors.

Consistent activity across batches

Detection of T7 RNA Polymerase by molecular beacon. Three batches of T7 RNA Polymerase were analyzed, with similar reaction kinetics across all batches.

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