BS-EP1 (AccuBase) ELISA Kit (ACB-EE00B)

  • Quality: Detection range:0.1875ng/ml-12 ng/ml, Sensitivity:0.1 ng/ml, Accuracy: CV<10%

Catalog: ACB-EE00B


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Product Description This kit uses sandwich ELISA to determine the concentration of AccuBaseTM in the test sample. The capture AccuBaseTM monoclonal antibody is pre-coated on the 96-well plate. AccuBaseTM standard or test sample is added to the pre-coated 96-well plate and will bind to the capture antibody. The biotinylated detection antibody is then added to bind the AccuBaseTM-capture antibody complex, followed by the addition of streptavidin HRP conjugate to form the capture antibody-antigen-detection antibody-HRP complex.
Form Multi
Shipping Shipped with blue ice
Stability And Storage Store the kit components at 2-8℃. The kit is valid for 12 months from the production date. Reconstituted AccuBaseTM standard is recommended to be stored at -80±10℃ and avoid repeated freeze-thaw cycles.
Example standard curve for AccuBase ELISA kit.

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