KactusBio New Logo

By Vincent Wu






Interview the graphic designer


Through the previous communication with the team and the analysis of the old logo, I learned that the problem with the old version is that the lines are too thin, resulting in low recognition and the color is outdated. The biggest memory point comes from the C & the dot in the C. 

What I did was to make the lines thicker to improve the brand recognition, and retain the memory point form of C&dot. Then, according to the market analysis and competitive product research, a series of keywords of the logo are summarized and sorted. Final confirmation the general direction of the design upgrade is to highlight the future, simplicity, and internationalization on the basis of expressing the characteristics of the biological industry. So I chose to have the font of the futuristic futura body as the design reference body. And by collecting materials, the abstract text direction is converted into visual graphics, and then extracted as graphical features and applied to fonts. Such as the application of circular Boolean operations on text structures, the corresponding tangent planes, and the setting of subtracting part of the structure the design method is the design refinement of the corresponding direction.
In the design of glyphs, considering that the difference in the negative space of the basic glyphs will lead to visual imbalance, the details of the letters should be compared to those with larger negative space.
The letters are extended for visual balance at the memory point of "C+ dot", the new design idea is to give the 1st version design more reasonable logic and coherence. So the new "dot" the setting is adjusted to the continuous line of the letter outline, and the C is cut to make a logical connection between the two. At the same time, due to the change of C in order to avoid the visual imbalance, the corresponding deformation was carried out in the design of T colors are mainly extracted from industry competition analysis and the characteristics of the 1st edition. The commonly used colors in the biotechnology industry are blue, green, and red, while the 1st edition is green.
Darker, so the new color adds saturation and lightness to the old color. And the hue chooses the color between blue and green, in
It is relatively rare in the industry, and it is easy to establish new brand awareness. Finally, in order to make the Logo show obvious recognition in multi-scene applications selected this color."