mRNA Quality Control & Comparability Summit 2023

By Mallory Griffin

 Speaker Session: Versatile T7 RNA Polymerases that generate less immunostimulatory mRNA

June 13-15, Boston MA

 Stop by our booth after the talk to learn more about our engineered T7 RNA Polymerase that optimize dsRNA, circRNA, and processivity. 

KACTUS is thrilled to announce its participation in the mRNA Quality Control and Comparability Summit, scheduled to take place from June 13 to 15 in Boston, MA. This summit serves as a prime platform for industry experts, researchers, and innovators to gather and discuss the latest advancements in mRNA research and development and how we can create and maintain GMP-level quality standards to ensure quick and smooth approval of RNA-based vaccines. KACTUS will play a significant role in this event, with our Director of Business Development set to deliver a talk titled "Versatile T7 RNA Polymerases that generate less immunostimulatory mRNA." These engineered variants are specifically designed to minimize the presence of dsRNA contamination while optimizing circRNA formation and processivity. By mitigating immunostimulatory properties, KACTUS aims to enhance the safety, efficacy, and production efficiency of mRNA therapeutics.

Full Portfolio of GMP-Grade mRNA Synthesis Enzymes

We will also showcase our full portfolio of GMP-Grade mRNA synthesis enzymes, including capping enzymes, restriction enzymes, tailing enzymes, and cyclization enzymes. By providing comprehensive solutions for mRNA synthesis, KACTUS empowers researchers and biotech companies to accelerate their discoveries and maximize the potential of mRNA-based therapies.

Attendees are encouraged to visit the KACTUS booth at the summit to delve deeper into your mRNA synthesis needs. Knowledgeable representatives will be available to answer questions, provide detailed insights, and offer customized solutions tailored to your company. Whether you're an industry expert or a passionate researcher, this is an excellent opportunity to network and collaborate with KACTUS, a leading innovator in the field of mRNA synthesis.

Unable to attend? We'd still love to hear from you! 

For those unable to attend the summit, we welcome you to reach out and see how we can meet your enzyme needs. We offer customized enzyme design and manufacturing. Our 10,000 square foot GMP-Grade manufacturing facility is designed to provide large-scale supply to meet commercial manufacturing needs. 

KACTUS is committed to safer, more efficient mRNA-based therapies. Connect with us in person or online to explore the exciting possibilities that lie ahead in the world of mRNA synthesis.